Membership Services and Benefits


Events: AmCham Turkey/ABFT hosts several exclusive events throughout the year for its members. These events represent an excellent networking opportunity, allow members and guests to listen to the views of prominent investment and business figures and facilitate the building of sector specific platforms.

Connections: AmCham Turkey/ABFT is a focal point for various actors representing diverse sectors in the international market. Through its close relations and frequent exchange with the AmChams in Europe and the AmCham global network, AmCham is the optimal contact for solutions to members' international trade and investment matters. Once a member joins, it starts utilizing AmCham's wide network of connections.


AmCham Turkey/ABFT identifies, represents, and voices its members' issues, helps them gain access to public authorities, and finds solutions to business challenges.

Committees: Representing diverse sectors and industries, AmCham Committees provide a forum for U.S.companies to raise issues about the business climate in Turkey.

Position Papers: AmCham prepares position papers that state sector-specific positions and opinions, and general overviews of U.S. business executives.

Member Profile Surveys: Each year AmCham conducts Member Profile Surveys in order to set its priority working areas and framework for operation based on the survey results.

Business and Investment Climate Surveys: Each year AmCham conducts a survey researching the outlook and perceptions of U.S. companies operating in Turkey. The survey focuses on the commercial and investment environment in Turkey, polling executives on a variety of factors affecting investment decisions, technology transfer, and job creation. The survey is then published and shared with members and other stakeholders.


AmCham Turkey/ABFT provides access to reliable and qualified information through its

Business Studies & Sector-Specific Reports, including those from members
Member Profile Surveys
Business and Investment Climate in Turkey annual surveys


AmCham Turkey/ABFT assists its members' marketing efforts through its

Website & Social Media: AmCham's dynamic website and vibrant social media platforms are 24/7 attractive channels for members reach out to their target audience.

Newsletters: AmCham's quarterly newsletters keep members informed about AmCham's events, business opportunities, introduction of new members, and updates of its members.

Special Events & Sponsorship Opportunities: AmCham's special events and publications offer member companies sponsorship opportunities that increase members' visibility, access, and business services.


Executive Trade Missions
One-to-One Meetings
Tailor made services by utilizing AmCham's global, regional, and local networks
Free forum for disseminating business opportunities among members