The general aims of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Committee are as follows:

- Develop vision and strategies on how to improve the business and investment environment in the areas of digital economy and ICT sector in Turkey;

- Underline the critical role of knowledge and innovation on economic development, and benefits of the digital economy on increased global competitiveness, quantitative and qualitative growth, and generation of high added value employment in the ICT sectors;

- Provide a platform for discussion, identification and overcoming of common issues related to technology companies of U.S. origin as well as for the technology operations of U.S. companies in Turkey;

- Advocate infrastructure improvements in the field of IT and Communications to minimize the digital divide through cost effective universal access to broadband and enable SMBs to transform leveraging the power of ICT solutions. Promote increased role of ICT with the administration and stand for incentives and reduced taxes aimed at maximizing the sector’s potential and contributions to Turkey’s development;

- Identify ICT sector NGOs and stakeholders, develop strategies for alignment on common issues/interests and improve networking opportunities of AmCham Turkey/ABFT member firms with these entities.